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Raw and Pre-Fabricated Materials

Raw and Pre-Fabricated Materials

Zwick testing machines are used to determine the mechanical properties of virtually all materials and components employed in the manufacture of automobiles 

Tests on metals play a central role here. For example, steels and lightweight metals are used in the construction of certain areas of bodywork. Their stiffness and rigidity characteristics under standard conditions are determined by means of quasi-static testing machines. As these results are highly dependent on loading rate, they must also be obtained under crash conditions, i.e. using impact or high-speed testing machines. To obtain approval of the material, fatigue and ductility characteristics must also be determined. 

Due to the trend towards alternative materials and/or hybrid materials and their use in various areas of the vehicle, similar tests on plastics, elastomers, foams and composites are now routine in vehicle construction. 

As the characteristics of the materials vary to a greater or lesser extent with temperature, tests at actual working temperatures must also be carried out. Tests of this nature are equally essential in the field of joining technology: Zwick provides solutions for a temperature range from  -­80 °C to 1,600° C.

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