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Tensile Test with r- and n-Value Determination

Tensile Test with r- and n-Value Determination

r- and n-values are often also determined in tensile tests in order to characterize forming properties; the n-value describes the work hardening – increase in stress – during plastic deformation up to uniform elongation, while the r-value describes the vertical anisotropy. The n-value is determined from the
tensile stress data and strain values; for the r-value the transverse strain on the tensile specimen is additionally measured. Tensile specimens are taken from the strip or sheet at set angles to the rolling direction. One factor affecting the r-value is the rolling direction. The sheet thickness is retained as specimen
thickness, while the parallel length is produced by milling or punching plus finishing. Zwick supplies a wide range of standard testing systems for determining material properties from tensile tests; these systems provide
high-precision testing under high loads. Our comprehensive range of axial and transverse strain extensometers provide the optimum combination according to the customer’s requirements and testing conditions, e.g. a Macro digital extensometer combined with an optical transverse strain extensometer. This combination is noted for robustness and a high level of automation plus easy specimen handling. Both extensometers measure up to specimen break.



Tensile Test on Thin Sheet, Plastics, Elastomers, Automated (miniHasy)

Zwick robotic testing system ‚roboTest A' with materials testing machine 20 kN for tensile tests on thin ...
Video 00:04:50
06_Tensile_Test_on_Thin_Sheet.wmv (23 M)

Tensile testing on micro dumbbells - Zugversuch an Miniaturschulterproben

Tensile testing on nickel micro dumbbells - Zugversuch an Miniaturschulterproben aus Nickel
Video 00:01:11
128_Zugversuch_Miniaturproben_01.wmv (46 M)


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