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Tensile Tests with r- and n-Value Determination

Thin sheets are frequently required to have good ductility and high strength. r- and n-values are often also determined via tensile tests in order to characterize forming properties; the n-value describes the work hardening – increase in stress – during plastic deformation up to uniform elongation, while the r-value
describes the vertical anisotropy. The n-value is determined from the tensile stress data and strain values; for the r-value the transverse strain on the tensile specimen is measured. Tensile specimens are taken from the strip or sheet at set angles to the rolling direction. One of the major factors affecting
the r-value is the rolling direction. The sheet thickness is retained as specimen thickness, while the parallel length is produced by milling or punching followed by finishing; for foils, strips are cut. Zwick offers various machines and devices for specimen production from different sheet thicknesses; requirements for
standard-compliant milled specimen edges are well catered-for via collaboration with our specialist partners.

Zwick supplies a wide range of standard testing systems for determining material properties from tensile tests, starting with table-top testing machines with 2.5 kN capacity. Our range of axial and transverse strain extensometers
simplifies finding the right combination for the customer’s requirements and testing conditions; for inherently stable sheet, for example, a laserXtens laser speckle extensometer combined with a video-optical transverse strain extensometer. This combination is integrated in a single housing, forming a unified system, and offers high robustness, excellent measuring accuracy and simple handling. The operator benefits from easier specimen changing as there are no longer any contact elements near the specimen.


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