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Texture Analysis

Texture Analysis

Instrumental texture analysis emulates the sensory effect i.e.what happens with the foodstuffs in everyday life. Its biggest benefit: it removes all elements of subjectivity from the testing.  

Benefits of instrumental testing at a glance: 

  • Conversion of sensory tests to objective values: Important test criteria such as freshness, crispiness, spreadability are determined objectively. 
  • Small deviations can be measured and shown in values.
  • By standardization of testing methods (Company Standards) different production sites can achieve the same product quality. This is very important in highly automated production lines, and for suppliers of semi-finished goods, ingredients and food systems. All of this helps to avoid complaints at the outset by improving quality and consistency of the products.
  • The tests deliver reproducible results.
  • All results can be shown and interpreted in a graph and documentation of all results is easy.
  • Proper documentation of product quality simplifies negotiations between suppliers, processors and customers.



Texture analysis of noodles with Zwick materials testing machine

Texture analysis with Zwick materials testing machine zwicki-Line, testing of noddles - Texturanalyse mit ...
Video 00:00:54
77_Texture_analysis_of_noodles_with_Zwick_materials_testing_machine_01.wmv (4.9 M)

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