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Biaxial Test on Artificial Tissues

Biaxial Test on Artificial Tissues

The mediX0.1 biaxial testing machine is designed for mechanical testing of natural and artificial tissues. Biaxial testing is often necessary to characterize the anisotropic properties of elastic tissues. With uniaxial tests mechanical properties can change during the test due to the potential for fibers to straighten along the measurement axis.

The clamping system must be arranged so that the tissue is held securely during the test without being damaged. Unrestricted lateral movements must be possible in order to ensure homogeneous specimen deformation under biaxial loading, while the strain measurement device must on no account cause damage to the specimen and must be able to record strain in all loading directions.



Biaxial Test on Biomaterials (Artifical Tissues)

Biaxial tensile test using a Zwick testing machine (mediX0.1) with a maximum test load of 100 N. Strain ...
Video 00:00:52
50_Biaxial_Test_on_Biomaterials__Artifical_Tissues_.wmv (4.5 M)


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