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Horizontal Test on Catheter Systems

Horizontal Test on Catheter Systems

Catheters, guidewires and other minimum invasion instruments pass through three distinct phases to follow a tortuous path through an artificial aorta. Catheter forces can be measured in each of these phases – insertion into the artery in the inguinal region, straightforward progress along the artery and negotiating artery curvature of more than 90°. 

  • Initial insertion force of catheter 
  • Advancement force 
  • Flexibility of catheter tip with curvature greater than 90°   

Further development of these catheter and guidewire systems includes attempts to reduce the coefficient of friction and the breakaway torque. The horizontal Allround-Line testing machine used by Zwick enables determination of shear forces in a simulated catheter insertion with very high accuracy. The test is carried out in a horizontal orientation in order to simulate the physiological status of the patient during the surgical intervention.



Horizontal track tests on catheters - Horizontale Prüfung an Kathetern

Horizontal track tests on catheters - Horizontale Prüfung an Kathetern
Video 00:00:42
143_Katheter_01.wmv (15.1 M)

Horizontal Test on Catheter Systems

Zwick horizontal testing systems with a integrated bath for catheder guide wires testing. Horizontale ...
Video 00:00:49
53_Horizontal_Test_on_Catheter_Systems.wmv (6.0 M)


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