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Surgical Textiles for Prevention of Infection

Surgical Textiles for Prevention of Infection

A further aspect of medical textiles concerns infection prevention in both out-patient and in-patient areas.  Reusable or single-use textiles for surgical masks and theatre gowns and drapes are intended to ensure infection prevention for doctors and patients. Standards EN 13795 and EN 14863 provide manufacturers with guidelines and common reference requirements to be met by surgical textiles. 

New functions and materials for use in this area are subject to certification and in-production quality control before being introduced to the market. One important component of EN 13795 is the test methods for measuring product characteristics such as tear strength of surgical textiles in both dry and wet condition. Tensile tests with transverse and longitudinal strain on individual materials or seams are used to simulate the loadings and strains imposed on textiles in use.


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