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LTM electro-dynamic testing machine

Electro-dynamic testing machines are used to determine material and component fatigue strength in the areas of fatigue life and fatigue limit.

Thanks to oil-free drive technology and simple installation, they are ideal for use in medical engineering but also in R&D. Typical examples are tests for hip joints and knee or dental implants. Other applications are tests on standard plastics and composites test specimens as well as aluminum and plastics CT and SEB specimens.

The LTM dynamic testing machine series is currently available with loads of ± 5 and ± 10 kN, as well as a piston stroke of 60 mm.

Testing frequencies, which equal up to 100 Hz, depending on the test, ensure short test times, yielding high specimen throughput.

The linear motor does not require additional supply feeds, such as pneumatic, coolant, or oil. This reduces service and installation costs.

Operation is via testXpert® R for dynamic tests and testXpert® II for static tests. This software is intuitive and customized to meet testing requirements.

Wear-free components ensure maintenance-free operation.


The Linear Testing Machine (LTM) belongs to Zwick's new dynamic testing machine series. The drive is based on linear motor technology. Due to the newly designed and patented motor, mechanical components and measuring systems can be positioned so that optimal accuracy and repeatability are achieved.

Flexible use in static and dynamic tests

  • Optimal drive characteristics thanks to a wide speed range of 0.016 mm/s to 1.5 m/s.

Precise measurement results due to optimal positioning of the travel measuring system

  • Force application and travel measuring system align with the test axis, preventing tilting and bending moments, and thus travel measurement errors
  • Minimization of heat drifts resulting in more accurate test results

Low friction due to plain bearing piston rod

  • Minimization of stick/slip effects resulting in more accurate test results even when amplitudes are low

Maintenance-free piston break system

  • No additional costs or downtime for maintenance and adjustment work



Tests on electrical pins - Untersuchungen an elektrischen Steckkontakten

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Fatigue tests on spinal implants

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LTM electro-dynamic testing machine

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207_LTM_Anwendungen_neu_01.wmv (89 M)